Hookah Night

Smoking hookah,
On a Tuesday night.
A mix mash of flavors,
Tantalizing the tongue.
I take a deep inhale,
Allowing the smoke to creep in.
I hold it in.
Then I exhale, releasing the smoke,
From the prison of my mouth.
I inhale again.
And exhale again.
I change the nature of the smoke,
O rings, french inhale, dragon’s breath,
Manipulating the smoke to my liking.
I feel relaxed.
I can feel the pressures of life escaping my soul.
I feel peaceful, calm, free.
I take in more,
Hit after hit.
Until the numbness hits my brain.
Desensitized to the world around me.
I’m feeling that hookah high.
But alas that hookah is fading.
It’s flavor has run dry.
It’s time to call it a night.
Until the next hookah night calls my name.


Declaration 2

The road of tomorrow is still a mystery,
It’s scary,
Full of mysteries, full of unknowns.
Full of questionable variables.
We recall our pasts, and endure our presents,
But what the future lies ahead, is beyond our sights.
I don’t know where we are headed,
I will be here next to you.
I look forward to the next day,
And the days that follow.
As long as you are by my side.
Let’s go together,
Hand in hand,
And let us walk this path together,
We will walk this road to another dawn.
We will lead one another,
Guide each other.
Support and lean on each other,
And grow together on our journey.
Together we will walk together,
On this road to tomorrow.
Towards your future,
My future,
Our future.


I count the passage of time as it rolls on by.
Second by second,
Minute by minute,
Hour by hour,
day by day.
With each moment going by,
My heart beats faster from your touch,
My mind races with your image,
My emotions grow stronger,
And my feelings grow deeper for you.
I can feel myself falling.
Free falling.
Falling hard and falling fast.
Into a place I do not know.
But I am not afraid.
I embrace it.
I’m falling into a place full of warmth, and joy,
A place full of happiness.
I am not afraid,
Because I know you’re there,
Waiting for me on the other side.
This is a blossoming of something wonderful.
A new beginning for both of us.
Although I do not know what lies ahead of us in the future,
All that matters is that you’re here with me right now.
As I look into your eyes,
And take your hands in mine,
I will do everything I can to make you happy,
And give you everything that I am.
This I promise you.

Without Definition

In the dead of night, I lie in bed,
I feel empty.
A hollow void fills my chest.
I lie here, in the dead of night,
without reason.
Without purpose.
The void grows wider.
Something is missing.
The spark to light my fire.
To give me guidance.
To give me meaning.
The void still grows wider.
But I do not know where to find it.
Where to search,
or what I’m looking for.
Where is my truth?
Where is my existence?
The void grows even wider.
I lie here in the dead of night.
An empty shell of a man.
That sees no path ahead of him.
That sees no future in sight for him.
And the void continues to grow wider.


Friendship Over Love

As much as I thought about it,
as much I wanted it,
I must keep reminding myself,
that it could never be.

I never would have thought,
I would feel this way towards you.
It was you, it was you,
who I was falling in love with.

But despite what my heart tells me,
my mind knows the truth.
Such romantic possibilities could never be,
between you and I.

A friendship, already etched so deeply,
that time cannot destroy.
But something as sensitive as my love,
could erase that in one blow.

But the sparkle in your eyes,
and the way that you smile,
and your touch draws me in a way,
that I have never could imagine.

But yet, I cannot love you.
Not because I don’t want to.
Because my friendship to you is more important,
than these feelings I harbor inside.

Our friendship is close,
the closest it can possibly be.
To cross that line of friendship,
would be a fatal mistake to make.

Besides, I couldn’t make you happy in that way,
that I have realized.
But I can still make you happy,
by being a great friend.

Despite my romantic love for you,
I choose friendship over my romance.
But I will always love you,
as my dear friend

Love Poem 7

Sun of my light,
Moon of my stars,
May our time together,
Be blessed with endless joy.
You are mine,
And I am yours,
Our hearts, our spirits
Bound and in sync with one another.
Until the day I last draw breath,
I will always tend to you.
To comfort and to guide you,
To defend and protect you.
I will be the best that I can be,
So that I can always make you happy.
Until the end of days,
This I promise you.
With my heart and my soul,
I will forever be loving you.