Trusted blade of hurt,

Carve your insignia into my flesh.

My body is the canvas,

Let your work be done unto me.

Strike slow and run long,

Let the trail of pain be seen,

Make me bleed, let it run.

Make your presence be known.

Let me feel your sting,

Let your blade sing,

Let my darkness flow,

Let my turmoil go.

Allow my anguish to scream,

Allow my rage to roar,

Allow my sadness weep,

Allow my heart to storm.

Put your signature on my skin,

Let the world know your work.

Let them all know my despair,

Let them all know my pain.


A Boyfriend’s poem to his Girlfriend

I’m not perfect.
I’m moody.
I’m grumpy.
I’m broody.
I can be difficult,
And sometimes be a dick.
I can be easy to frustrate,
And quick to shut down.
But you have always been by my side,
When I go through my moments.
When no one else was,
For that, I thank you.
For caring,
For being compassionate,
For being tender,
For guiding me,
For loving me.
And I can’t promise,
That everyday will be sunshine and gumdrops,
But as long as I have you by my side,
I can weather through all the storms.
For that I say thank you.
For staying by my side.
As long as I can continue to hold your hand,
I can continue to walk this road.
Thank you for being patient with me.
I love you.

Primal Darkness of Human Nature

The darkest aspect of human nature,
runs rampant tonight.
Anger and rage,
Is what fills these streets.
Calm and peace,
does not exist here.
When the voices of sorrow,
Turn into cries of hatred,
feeds the flame of rancor,
thus turning into open war.
Violence and despair fills the air.
And wanton destruction permeates throughout,
this primal aspect of human nature,
the darkness that all humans carry.
What ever cause, what ever reason,
no longer has meaning.
Humans will dance the dance of madness and insanity,
and will allow the buildings, the streets,
even themselves to burn.
Until they are consumed in the wrath of their own darkness.
Such is the chaotic human nature.


Gravity 107/Hookah night 4

Great hookah at Gravity 107
Reveling in the flavors
A perfect way to end the day
Vapor, shisha, they have it all
It’s a exhilarating experience
That hookah high invading my mind
You lose yourself to the vibe of the atmosphere.

1 night to lose yourself
0 excuses to make
7 times to come out and experience great hookah.

Gravity 107.
My favorite hookah bar.
Come out and experience excellent hookah.
Whether you are new to hookah,
Or your a seasoned veteran,
You will not regret visiting.


Hookah Night 3

I’m back again.
Too feed this addiction,
Returning to the place,
Where I feel like I belong.
Gravity 107,
The hookah bar I’ve come to love.
Spending my night here once more,
It’s become a past time of mine.
Orange sherbet and vanilla,
The flavors of choice this time.
A perfect blend together.
It’s like I’m enjoying ice cream.
The day has been stressful,
I feel tired and broken.
But here I can escape,
Relax and recharge.
Entranced by the puffs of smoke,
Vibing to the music playing.
I feel right at home.
Life no longer bothers me.
I am lost in my little world here.
Where nothing matters at the moment.
Just me and this hookah.
As peaceful as it can be.


Hookah Night 2

I’m back again.
At my favorite hookah bar.
A gateway away from reality.
My second home.
No predetermined choice this time,
Whatever flavor you give me.
Black Martini and Firecracker?
Sure, give me some of that.
My hookah is made to perfection,
Not rough or harsh,
The flavor easily slips into my throat.
Blowing out large amount of smoke,
As I sink back into the couch,
The hookah high seeps into my body,
I’m going to enjoy the night.
I feel at peace, so tranquil,
As light conversations buzz throughout.
I’m sitting here, just chilling,
Just living in the moment.
This place gives me freedom,
An escape from the outside world.
But alas I cannot stay forever,
Life waits for no one,
And my hookah has run dry,
It’s time to pay and go.
But I shall return In due time,
To repeat this ritual,
To enjoy another hookah night,
At my favorite hookah bar.


I feel alone.
Entrapped in this world around me.
I am missing you.
Missing you deeply.
I long to see your beautiful smile,
To be in the comfort of your arms,
To bask in your shining presence,
To hear your beating heart among mine.
And to be surrounded by your love.
Distance keeps me parted from you.
And while the distance makes my heart grow fonder,
It also makes my heart ache.
Because you are not here next to me.
I cannot see you, hold you, or kiss you.
The only method of expressing my love,
Is through the words I think, and speak to you.
I anxiously wait for the next moment in time,
When I will see you once more.
So wait for me my love,
Till the next time I’m in your presence.